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Hip Arthroscopy

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It wasn’t too many years ago that patients with serious hip pain conditions had no option but to undergo invasive open surgery. Their scars, often several inches long, showed it. Now, however, many hip problems can be repaired with minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures. The minimally invasive procedure returns the patient to activities much more quickly than traditional surgery. Dr. Torrance A. Walker performs arthroscopic hip surgery on an outpatient basis – no need for an overnight hospital stay. And most people begin mobility immediately with the use of crutches. Patients can return to unrestricted activities within a short time, and the amount of recovery needed will vary slightly. Scars from arthroscopic surgery are much smaller – usually about the size of a dime – than traditional open procedures.

Arthroscopic surgery is not appropriate for patients with severe arthritis, but it’s an exciting option for many patients who are too young to consider a total hip replacement procedure. The primary long-term solution for people with severe hip pain and arthritis is total hip replacement. Surgery-delaying tactics, such as ultrasound guided injection procedures and pain medications, have also been commonly used.

With an earlier diagnosis, patients may be candidates for a hip preservation procedure such as hip arthroscopy. The detailed history and dynamic examination of the patient is important in establishing the correct diagnosis in non-arthritic hip pain. Static radiographs have a limited reliability in determining the diagnosis of femoroacetabular impingement. Advanced imaging techniques such as MRI and CT help to clarify pathomechanics of hip pain, characterize bony deformity, determine the extent and pattern of cartilage and labral damage, and rule out other causes. The hip arthroscopy procedure offers an alternative for patients with persistent hip pain. Many patients are told they have "mild arthritis" and must wait until they are older for hip replacement.

Hip joint preservation surgery and arthroscopic surgery is considered by many to be more technically demanding than traditional hip replacement but less invasive requiring only two small incisions in most instances. Patients have less pain, can be active sooner, and have less restrictions in their athletic activities long term. Lastly, it is possible that later in life an active or relatively young patient could wear out the initial hip replacement, thus requiring a second hip replacement, or revision.

Torrance A. Walker, MD performs these hip preservation procedures and is dedicated to delivering the most advanced arthroscopic care for:

  • Hip:  femoroacetabular impingement, labral tears, cartilage injuries, loose bodies
  • Arthritis, bursitis & tendinitis
  • Strains & instability

He makes every effort to avoid surgery; but if your condition requires it, he’ll treat them with leading-edge arthroscopic and other minimally invasive techniques that reduce pain, discomfort, scarring, recovery time and complications. Dr. Walker is committed to giving each patient the benefits of his experience and skill as an orthopedic surgeon along with optimal recovery and a quick return to work, play and life. He welcomes and encourages your hip referrals.

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