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Anterior Hip, Total & Partial Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in Plano, Frisco


Hip Replacement – Dallas – Fort Worth, TX

Hip replacement is the surgical removal of a painful hip joint due to arthritis. Your orthopedic surgeon replaces it with an artificial joint typically made from metal and plastic components. We recommend this procedure when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate pain relief.

A hip replacement procedure is meant to relieve a painful hip joint and make walking easier. Hip replacement surgery can be performed one of two ways. Traditional open surgery or a minimally-invasive arthroscopic technique. The main differences between the two procedures are the size of the incision and recovery time.

Most hip replacement surgeries today are performed using the standard 8 to 10-inch incision along the side of the hip. More recently, doctors have been using a minimally-invasive approach, one or two incisions from 2 to 5-inches long. We perform the same procedure through these smaller incisions as we do with standard hip replacement surgery.

Smaller incisions typically reduce blood loss, pain after surgery, hospital stays and scarring. They are believed to reduce healing and recovery time, as well.

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Torrance A. Walker, M.D.