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Partial Knee Resurfacing - Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

Resurfacing is a bone tissue preserving procedure and an alternative to total knee joint replacement. Partial knee resurfacing or PKR is designed to relieve arthritis damage in one of the three compartments of the knee. The three compartments of the knee are the medial (inside) compartment, the lateral (outside) compartment and the patellofemoral (kneecap) compartment. Based on the location of your knee arthritis, partial knee resurfacing may be an option for you.

PKR only replaces the damaged surface of the knee joint. This helps minimize trauma to the healthy tissues. Your orthopaedic surgeon removes only damaged bone and fits the implant to that bone. PKR artificial joints are smaller than total knee implants, and your surgical incision may be smaller as well. We leave most of the knee joint unaffected and basic knee structure stays intact. Your post-surgical pain may be eased and your recovery may be shorter than what you might experience with a total knee replacement.

Use of PKR has been growing. According to the latest statistics, bout 70,000 partial knee resurfacing procedures are performed in the United States annually. Because the PKR artificial joints are smaller than total knee implants, the surgical incision may be shorter and a smaller incision typically leads to a smaller scar.

Your potential benefits can include a quicker procedure and a shorter hospital stay. Your rehabilitation may also be more progressive because we remove less bone and there is less trauma to soft tissue during surgery. With PKR your knee may feel more natural than with a total knee replacement. PKR is not right for everyone. Your doctor may recommend a total knee replacement based on your condition.

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Torrance A. Walker, M.D.