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Shoulder Replacement - Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

No other joint in the human body has the mobility or range of motion of the shoulder joint. But along with this great mobility comes great risk for possible injury – from trauma, arthritis, overuse or as a direct result of sports or work participation. In shoulder replacement surgery, we remove the damaged parts of the shoulder and replace them with artificial components. Your treatment options include replacement of the head of the humerus bone (the ball of your shoulder’s ball and socket joint), or the ball and the socket (called the glenoid). When a shoulder is damaged beyond repair and negatively impacting your ability to perform daily activities and your quality of life, we may recommend shoulder joint replacement.

Shoulder joint replacement is a procedure commonly performed by orthopedic surgeon, Torrance Walker, MD. If joint replacement surgery is necessary, Dr. Walker will use the most advanced arthroscopic techniques to reduce postoperative discomfort, scarring and recovery time. His training in arthroscopic and reconstructive shoulder surgery, and his experience with so many patients has prepared him well to achieve successful outcomes.

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Torrance A. Walker, M.D.